How to choose the BEST wedding photography coverage

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"All-Day" Coverage sounds like too much

This is your greatest adventure yet, right?

Let's think about this together. Whether eloping or having a traditional wedding, you want to have an experience that is true to you and your partner. This is not "only" having a wedding, or "just" your special day.

Your wedding day is everything.

Similarly, your photography coverage should be there to capture everything. We want you to be able to re-live the tears that fell when you first saw each other, the laughter when you tripped in your ceremony, what the sun looked like rising that morning together, the dirt that got on your attire from your dog. Literally every little emotion and detail is worth documenting and cherishing forever.

but what will we do all day?

thats a great question!

You will laugh, cry, smile, and do a whole-lot of whatever you want to do!

Let's put down the wedding day rule book and consider what your day could look like together. I want you to think about your bucket list items, and what the most perfect day together would consist of. From sun up to sun down, what activities and details would you include? Who would you include? What would the views look like all day? Lastly, what would make you both feel the happiest and most fulfilled. You DESERVE to have the entire damn day DEDICATED to you and celebrating your true love story. Your love and love story matters, right? And don't the most epic stories and adventures end up being more than just a few hours? So, before you restrict the number of hours your day will be, think about the adventure you would like to have.

No matter how BIG or SMALL your wedding is...


I'm certain your partner didn't propose to you simply to have a 15 minute posed photoshoot, sign some papers, eat some food, and end the day. Boring, right? Now that we are on the same page, we can come to the conclusion together that YOU DESERVE MORE! All of your planning, the details, the emotions, should be captured so you can cherish them for generations to come.

i am invested in your experience and story every step of the way

why do i care?

From the moment we first meet, I am always trying to learn the beautiful details of your story together. This is not "just" some day, and I believe you deserve more than "just" a wedding photographer. Above all, I want to inspire you to craft the most authentic and genuine day. No cookie-cutter weddings allowed here.

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