Wedding and Elopement Photographer + Videographer for adventurous nature-loving couples

You crave more than just a wedding day.

You want an EXPERIENCE of a lifetime in a beautiful location that sets your freaking soul on fire! You want a laid-back relaxed day that is truly YOU.

Couple Kissing on the rocky shore of Flowerpot Island during Intimate Tobermory Elopement captured by Ontario Elopement Photographer

You don't want the stress

The thought of planning a huge traditional wedding stresses you out. Especially when your MIL wants to invite 150 strangers and you can't figure out the seating plan.

You're not the type to settle for ordinary

You care about the beauty in the little details. Your dying to include your dogs, favorite messy food, and other quirky personal stuff on your special adventure.

See what happens when you throw out the wedding rule book and take back how you experience a wedding!


About Celeste

adventurous + initmate weddings

or even just super boho + down to earth!



the best way to celebrate

an elopement photographer for those who value their experience

To have an authentic wedding experience where the focus of the day is actually about YOU and your love story.

The definition has changed over the years. If you want a stress-free intimate day with no rules, than eloping is for you. It doesn't have to be running away alone to secretly get married. You want a few guests? Great, you can do that! You want to say your vows at a waterfall? Great, you can do that too.

The day you get married no longer needs to adhere to any expectations other than your own. Picture the best day ever from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed. THAT is your elopement day!

Therefore, as your Ontario based elopement photographer and planner, it is my role to help bring your vision to life.

The Experience

No matter how small your wedding day .. it is a BIG deal!

You deserve more than just a wedding day, you deserve an EXPERIENCE.
Therefore, we make your experience a priority. Whether you want an intimate cabin elopement or a helicopter mountain adventure, we will be by your side documenting your story.

The Process


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