a guide to waterfall sessions

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Where can I find a waterfall in Ontario?

Why are waterfalls good for photoshoots?

From a photographer's perspective, waterfalls add a lot to an image. Since it is a large body of moving water, it will add some movement and texture to your images. Additionally, there is a large contrast between light and dark in the image. This naturally will lead to a more interesting image. Lastly, waterfalls are SO much fun. I don't think I have ever met an individual who doesn't enjoy a beautiful waterfall.

Waterfalls are scattered all across Ontario. Pictured above is a waterfall located in Muskoka, Ontario. The bulk of large waterfalls are located along the escarpment ranging from Owen sound area across to Niagara. However, we also have some waterfalls in Southern Ontario. In conclusion, no matter the area of Ontario you choose to elope in, we can most likely find you a stunning waterfall.

Will I get wet during the photoshoot?

Whenever you get close to a large moving body of water, there is a chance you may get a little wet. Depending on the size of the waterfall, some spray off large amounts of water at the base. Although some smaller waterfalls, the likelihood of getting wet is low.

Occasionally I cross paths with extra adventurous couples who WANT to get wet and jump in the water. Having your session at a waterfall can give you this unique opportunity to swim at the base of the falls - how cool is that? If this interests you, be sure to mention it to me as I know which waterfalls are safe to swim at certain times of the year.

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