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What you need to know about Fall Elopements in Algonquin Park

One of the most beautiful times to visit Algonquin Park is in the fall. The colors are absolutely breath-taking and everyone should see it at least once. General things to consider when visiting in the fall is the weather. Fall is a very wet season therefore the ground will be muddy and sky skies will bring rain. Don't let this deter you, as you can still have a very magical day.

Secondly, Algonquin Park is at its peak business in the fall. Thousands upon thousands of tourists flood the area to see the colors change. Some trailheads are monitored by police - it gets THAT busy. If you want to adventure around high-tourist spots in the fall, be sure to hit the trails EARLY. Like, sunrise early.

In addition, you will need the same requirements to elope as you would anywhere in Ontario.
Click here to view How To Elope In Ontario.

Regardless of all these things, having your elopement or wedding inside Algonquin Park is incredibly magical and should be on your radar.

Where should I get married in Algonquin Park, Ontario?

When you are eloping with just you and your partner, or a few guests only, you can pretty much elope anywhere in the park. I've spent my entire life adventuring and exploring around Algonquin Park, so I know of many amazing gems to explore. If you are having more than a handful of guests, you should consider one of Algonquin's more traditional venues. After that, you can still go off together and get your portraits done throughout the park, and return to your venue to spend time with your loved ones.

Recommended Venues for large and small weddings in Algonquin Park:
1. Arowhon Pines
2. Barlett Lodge
3. Algonquin Eco Lodge

4. Algonquin Adventure Lodge
5. The Couples Resort

6. Camp Bongopix
7. Camp Arowhon

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