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We offer a unique wedding videography style and elopement films for couples who want to relive these unforgettable moments for life! You may notice that our film collection structure is a little different than most.

“I watch our video every single day. Thank you so much, Celeste and Dan. Couldn’t have asked for a better team 🤍”

Nicole + Adam

Wedding Film Types

  • Highlight Film – *Our most popular wedding video!! This is an entertaining and creative film put together with all of the key moments of your wedding day. It includes the best moments from getting ready, your vows, key ceremony moments, some speeches/interviews, couples portraits, dancing, details, and more. We craft custom-made music to fit the energy of your day.
  • Ceremony Film – This is a more traditional style film. It showcases a multi-angle edit of the entire ceremony. In your highlight film, the key moments and vows are incorporated. But this shows the ENTIRE ceremony and all the beautifully spoken words!
  • Speech Film – This is another traditional style of film. It showcases all of your speeches in their entirety.
  • Social Media Film – This is a vertically optimized teaser for you to share on social media. It is up to 30 seconds long with some key moments. Picture it like a movie trailer
  • Other styles and types of films are available upon request.

Sample Highlight Films

Venue: Dreams Las Mares, Costa Rica
Intimate destination wedding video in Costa Rica!
Venue: The Royal Ambassador, Caledon
Beautiful traditional wedding at a stunning venue 1 hour from Toronto.
Venue: Tunnel Mountain Reservoir & The Bison
This unique intimate wedding video that showcases hiking a summit in the middle of the wedding day!
Two country wedding video including Santorini Greece AND Iceland!
Helicopter Elopement in Banff.
Helicopter Elopement in Tofino, BC.
Intimate Wedding at a cabin in Muskoka followed by an adventure in Algonquin Park!
Intimate Waterfall Elopement in Iceland

Frequently Asked Questions

I think it is safe to assume you probably have never had your wedding filmed before. Or you have never incorporated photography and videography into your wedding day timeline. Capturing video requires a little more setup versus photography since there are two main components: We need movement, not just stills. And we need audio!

You may have questions. Here are some common frequently asked questions.

Our films are very UNIQUE and unlike many other creative vendors. Our collections are NOT based on hours or the number of videographers. We want you to have a high-quality film and not worry about missing moments. Therefore, our collections are based on the final films you choose to cherish forever.

For example, our highlight film requires 1 to 2 videographers to be present ALL day. Whereas a ceremony film only requires 1 videographer with possibly 1 assistant for 1 hour before your ceremony and during your ceremony. We have so much experience with weddings and timelines that we know exactly what is needed for each type of film.

We always use multiple sources of recording audio since this is such an important piece of your film. We may use any of the following: small hidden microphones on you, your fiancé, and/or your officiant. We may have a recorder placed on the microphone if used. Lastly, we will place a recording device on the microphone receiver and/or speaker from the DJ. If you are not using a DJ for your ceremony, but rather using the venue audio system – we can connect to this too.

Please talk with your DJ and Officiant ahead of time. Let them know you have a videographer team that will be recording audio. Let your officiant know that we will be putting a hidden microphone on them for the ceremony, so it’s best to have a pocket or place to put it. Let your DJ know that we will be recording audio for the ceremony and speeches.

We rely on these vendors to get audio of important moments. It is rare, but some vendors may say “no” to having a microphone recording them or for us to connect to the DJ’s equipment.

What about non-traditional venues with no DJs or speaker systems? That’s OK and we love venues like that!! We will simply have a recorder hidden away from you and your fiancé! And yes – it’s even hidden with a wedding dress!

We do require roughly 15-20 minutes to set up and film ceremony details before your guests enter the ceremony area. This includes us capturing the details of the area and most importantly, setting up our multi-angle tripods. A minimum of one backup camera on a tripod will be set up. More will be set up if you’ve purchased a multi-angle ceremony film. We will also need a quick 5-10 minutes after the ceremony to take down and put away the ceremony camera equipment. These are video considerations that need to be taken into account during your timeline so we can provide the best quality for you!

For your speeches, we will need to connect to either the venue’s speaker system or the DJ’s microphone receiver – just like with the ceremony. They don’t need to do anything except let us connect which does not interfere with anything! We are simply recording the audio. They need to be aware and agree to let us connect to their equipment to record the audio.

Another note on speeches if we are filming, is that it is important to tell your speakers to use the microphone and stay at the podium as best they can (unless of course, they are doing some cool dance!). We may have lights set up for the best aesthetics which will be useless if they move. And if they keep straying away from the microphone, then we can’t capture good audio – which you are paying for!

If your speeches are occurring during dinner, you may have serves going back and forth in front of the speaker, and you may hear glass clinging and chatter during this time.

There is also the setup and take-down time for this! We would love 10 to 15 minutes to film the empty reception space and details, plus an additional 10 minutes to set up our speech cameras, lights, etc.

Yes, almost to a tee! Your “portrait” time with the photographer is ALSO needed for the video. When we are working together, we can do both pretty simultaneously. Video requires movement, whereas photo does not. Our photo style has adapted lots of movement to accommodate for video, but we also find it makes you more comfortable in photos too! This is something to keep in mind if you hire separate vendors for the two creative services. The styles may not align so we may need our own few minutes with you to get video-specific shots.

As for the rest of the timeline, we simply require the setup/take-down time for your ceremony and reception. Those details we use a lot in our films. We may not be present for your family formals as these are important photo moments! But we want to be present for everything else – getting ready, ceremony, wedding party portraits, couples portraits, and into the reception.

Something simple and easy that can add SO much character and emotion to your film is hearing each other talk. Personal vows do wonders in telling your wedding day story. But some other ways to add extra magic to your film is to write letters or poems to each other to read when getting ready. Or you can have us ask you a few interview-style questions about each other (how you met, how you felt before your ceremony, favorite things about each other, etc.) Lastly, handwriting some vows for us to film is a moment we love to include in highlight films!!

Yes, you absolutely can purchase films post-wedding day. However, it is important to understand the deliverable videos you have purchased. If we were not hired to capture a full ceremony or speech film, then we would only have short sequences of these and may not have a fluid film of the events. When we are shooting for your highlight film, we are still capturing these key moments, but we are filming short sequences of everything! So you may purchase the footage we have of those moments, but it cannot be guaranteed and will not be the same quality/number of angles if purchased prior.

Highlight films cannot be purchased after the wedding date since we may have only been present for your ceremony and/or speeches. We are present for ALL of the moments when creating a highlight film.

Yes, we love drone shots! That being said, drone use is weather, location, and time-dependent. In bad weather, we cannot fly the drone for safety reasons. Some locations prohibit drones, and we will not fly in those locations. Lastly, time is a huge factor. To fly the drone safely, we need to take our time. Drones can be very dangerous if used irresponsibly.

Things we may use the drone for are to capture your reception space, venue, landscape, ceremony space, and sometimes during couples portraits if we have dedicated that time! One of our favorites is to drone our couples’ canoeing!

You can view our film collection costs on our investment page! We believe in being fully transparent, so you can see what everything costs right away!


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