Muskoka engagement Photographer

Crafting Unique engagement sessions for Sentimental & Adventurous Couples

Hi, I’m Celeste! Your Muskoka Engagement Photographer!

You must be here since you are engaged?! CONGRATS! I believe I am safe to assume you want to celebrate your engagement uniquely and sentimentally.

Whether you want to celebrate your engagement with photos in Muskoka, or beyond, I am happy to document and preserve this important time for you.

Why Work With Me?

You Value Experiences

You do not get engaged just to have a photoshoot in some random pretty location. Your photos should be an experience – like a favorite date night activity or exploring a bucket list location!

Unique & Sentimental

Each engagement session I document is unique – even if I have taken images at that location prior. This is because the type of imagery I am crafting is unique to each couple, the emotions they want to be expressed, and includes anything sentimental to their love story.

Organic Approach

My organic approach to documenting your engagement gives you the gift of being fully present to experience your love authentically while I create sentimental + timeless photos that tell your unique love story. You will not feel awkward or strictly posed!


Engagement Sessions Begin at $650+taxes

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t include a set number of images per engagement session. This is because each session is SO unique! Most Muskoka Engagement sessions include 100-200 images. Factors that influence the number of images received are the activities you choose to do, the variety of scenes we visit, the lighting/weather conditions, etc.

Of course! If you just feel camera shy, or someone in your group just doesn’t like their picture taken, I can still work with you to create beautiful images. My style of photography is very little “posed”. I will set you up and then guide you through the process, trying to bring out genuine emotions. I will have you doing activities to put you at ease and make you feel like there is no camera around.

In addition, I am here to tell your story. That means allowing the day to flow naturally. Experience first, photoshoot second.

Lastly, I don’t just want to be your “Muskoka Engagement Photographer”, I want to be a friend, who can help you feel confident and beautiful with the images we create together.

I am available to travel almost anywhere in the world for engagements! Travel fees will apply and quotes will be provided customly.

However, if you have booked a Destination Wedding Collection with me, then you receive a complimentary one-hour session! Some local wedding collections also include complimentary engagement sessions.

What would you normally do together if you wanted to spend some quality time together? Go for a hike? Canoe? Visit a brewery or winery? Go to a cafe? Skating? All of these items are things you can do during your engagement session!

I will send you questionnaires to better learn your vision for your session, and the things you like to do together. From there, I will help you decide on the best locations and things to do! Not all engagement sessions have to be activity-based, but I strongly advise picking something sentimental to you.

I have more answers! Send me a message and we’ll chat.