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Killarney Provincial Park is tucked away in the South-West corner of Ontario. Along the Georgian Bay, it encompasses a large area of wetlands, forests, and mountains! Yes, I did just say mountains. This beautiful park is home to the white quartzite ridges of La Cloche Mountains. In addition, there are many famous paintings of Killarney done by the Group of Seven. Many of the lakes are named after some of these artists, such as A.Y. Jackson lake - a blue watered lake with pink rock cliffs and dark green trees.

A winter wonderland is the perfect backdrop for your elopement day. A provincial park is a very touristy location - however when traveling through in the wintertime, you are blessed with a quiet and private park. If your not a huge fan of the cold, you can still enjoy the beauty of winter. The park offers super cute cabin and yurt rentals year-round and they certainly come in handy for elopements.

Here are a few tips you need to know for your winter elopement:
1. Layer up! Adding layers under your attire make sure you stay toasty warm but look great for your portraits. Scroll down to see this couples layers.
2. Have a place to warm up. Taking short bursts outside with breaks in a warm place can help.
3. Don't be afraid to wear your coats, hats, mittens, etc. Indeed you want to look your best, but part of a winter story includes winter gear. Above all, safety is most important. Your red hat and warm coat will NOT ruin your photos, trust me.

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