We believe that connection is WHY we are here!

Let us go first 🙂

Meet Your Team!


Lead Photographer, Second Videographer


Lead Videographer, Second Photographer

Hi! I’m Celeste,

I believe in creating my own traditions and rituals, not what the mainstream media or society expects me to do.

I like to start my morning with Organic Black coffee with grass-fed butter. But do enjoy a good cappuccino with oat milk from time to time.

Whenever I’m feeling out of balance or anxious, crystals, painting, being barefoot in the grass, and long nature walks are my go-to relief.

I believe that pets show us what true unconditional love is.

If I have some free time for myself, I binge on books, video games, and ALL the outdoor activities I can get from hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, and more.

A little about us & our marriage!

  • We both came from totally unrelated fields! Celeste was a Registered Nurse in the Operating Room and Dan worked in renewable energy.
  • Dan takes 90% of our vacation photos!
  • We had a very intimate adventurous wedding during the pandemic! We had a sunrise hike in Killarney Park on “The Crack” with just our parents present.
  • In our spare time, you will catch us hiking, camping, portaging, playing a video game or cards together, and traveling to new destinations!
  • We have a fur-baby calico cat named Sammy. She’s getting old but she’s our little kitten!
  • Our favorite drink is Scotch Whiskey, specifically Islay Single Malts such as Kilchoman, Bruchladdich, and Ardbeg.

A Few More Facts Celeste

My favorite childhood memory is hiking trails in Algonquin with my little purple film camera, an unnecessarily HUGE backpack, and a compass. It felt so empowering to guide my family through the trails, despite it being a very well-marked trail. LOL

I love the sound of raindrops hitting a rooftop or tent – as long as I am dry. I believe the rain can be SO fun as long as you are prepared for it.

A bit embarrassing, but my favorite movies? Definitely, those movie series designed for the “teens”, Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games.

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